A message to my followers:

I see so many of you sad about so many different things and it hurts to see my beautiful followers so upset. I want you all to know how BEAUTIFUL you are. My blog may not be the best, it’s just random shit, I know, but I appreciate every single one of my followers! You guys aren’t judgmental ass holes like everyone else in my life.

Now let’s talk about how gorgeous each of you is. I’m gonna give you guys some insight. You know those models, on TV, in magazines, all over the place. the models who you want so badly to look like? Yeah, they don’t look ANYTHING like they do on TV, in a magazine, on a billboard. I modeled before. You may think I’m lying, but you can ask any of my friends, or ask me questions about it. I modeled. What they do to the models is repulsive. First, your face gets PLASTERED with makeup, and I’m not one to wear lots of makeup. Second the hair they have, sometimes is extensions and a bunch of fake crap. Third, after they get the pictures or shot they want, they go to the computer and remove every blemish, fix all the dimensions of your face, your nose, everything. 

So if you think they’re beautiful think again, cause that’s not what they look like at all. So know this, an average sized model wears a size six, so stop wanting to be a zero or a one, don’t. Average models, have barely any boobs. So stop desiring them. You are all fucking gorgeous and I can not stress it enough. You, the way you are, without glops of make up, that right there is beauty at it’s best.

Now you all go out there and shine! You are gorgeous, and you deserve the World. But know this, I am here for you any time you need it. Anything you need, I am here! I love you all, soooo much!

Bye luvies! 

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